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Title: Board of Directors: Theory and Practice in Dairy Cooperatives
Authors: Ajit Kanitkar, N V Belavadi
Issue/Year: Oct-1993
Section: Research
Abstract: Theoretically, the Board of Directors (BOD) of organizations belonging to corporate as well as cooperative sectors is expected to have a long-term, strategic focus. However, a critical difference between the BOD of a corporate organization and a cooperative organization is that the latter is constituted by user-members and are, therefore, expected to truly reflect user-owners' commitment to the organization. Against this backdrop, this paper by Ajit Kanitkar and N V Belavadi examines the dominant concerns of the BOD of cooperative sector organizations by analyzing the agenda-items of Board meetings of federated dairy cooperatives. According to the authors, the BOD in this sector is more concerned with day-to-day operations than strategic issues. Conceptualizing the Link between Strategy, Structure and Information Technology: Implications for Computer Based Systems Configuration Deepinder S Bajwa, Shekhar Chaudhuri and Arkalgud Ramprasad In order to choose an appropriate computer based systems (CBS) configuration for an organization, it is necessary to consider the complex interrelationships between its strategy, structural form and the information technology. In this paper, the authors present a conceptual framework integrating the three dimensions which, apart from providing useful insights on their relationship, would also serve as a basic template for CBS configuration design.
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