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Title: Innovation through Intrapreneurship: The Road Less Travelled
Authors: D V R Seshadri, Arabinda Tripathy
Issue/Year: Jan-2006
Section: Perspectives
Abstract: Given the ever-intensifying competition, companies need to continually innovate. Corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) has increasingly been seen as one of the avenues to usher innovation into the workplace. Most companies understand the primacy of nurturing innovation across the organization. Yet, very few succeed in the process. Exemplars of intrapreneurship such as 3M have reaped great benefits. Most large Indian companies are waking up now to the need to get their employees to think entrepreneurially. This article presents three episodes of intrapreneurship from Tata Steel and draws lessons from these case studies. It also presents views from 30 practising managers on what aids and hinders creation of an intrapreneurial climate as also views of a few senior managers from the Indian IT industry on this very important subject.
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