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Title: Child Malnutrition: An Overview of Trends, Issues, and Policy Prescriptions
Authors: Akram A Khan, Nazli Banoi, Abdus Salam
Issue/Year: Oct-2006
Section: Interfaces
Abstract: Child malnutrition is posing a major challenge to the different regions of the world. It is costing poor countries up to three per cent of their yearly GDP. The pessimistic scenario projects an increase of global child malnutrition from 166 to 175 million children by 2020. Though the underlying causes of under-nutrition vary across regions, poverty, low levels of education, and poor access to health services are major contributors to childhood malnutrition. The average annual rate of reduction of the developing world stands at 1.7 per cent which is not sufficient to achieve a 50 per cent reduction over the period 1990-2015. The high levels of under-nutrition in children and women in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa pose a major threat for child survival and development. The examples of Thailand, Vietnam, and China show that the problem of malnourishment is entirely preventable.
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