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Title: Appraisal Politics: Revisiting from Assessors' Perspective
Authors: Amit Dhiman, Manjari Singh
Issue/Year: Jan-2007
Section: Interfaces
Abstract: This paper focuses on understanding assessors’ intentions to pursue certain appraisal goals over others. The authors draw from the political view of the organization, and considers the assessor as a politician who pursues goals other than accuracy because of the influence of certain contextual factors. Specifically, it is proposed that, instrumentality of the appraisal outcomes for both assessors and assessees, ambiguity in the process, policies, or criteria, and accountability pressures shape the assessors’ perception of appraisal politics. These perceptions influence assessors’ intention to achieve specific goals through appraisal, accuracy being one of them. Accountability research reveals that only specific accountability conditions have favourable effect on quality of decisions. While procedural accountability encourages managers to diligently follow the process, that enhances decision quality, the outcome accountability accentuates politicking because managers try to achieve what is acceptable to those whom they feel more accountable to.
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