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Title: Business Ethics: The Next Frontier for Globalizing Indian Companies
Authors: D V R Seshadri, Achal Raghavan, Shobitha Hegde
Issue/Year: Jul-2007
Section: Interfaces
Abstract: Nowhere is the fast changing nature of the global business landscape more perceptible than on the ethics front. Most businesses based in the Western countries have become extremely risk averse on the ethics front. Few of them would like to have anything to do with any unethical company in any part of the world. This changed mindset has significant ramifications for Indian companies that have global aspirations. No Indian company that hopes to globalize in any manner can afford to ignore these changes sweeping the global business arena on the ethics front. Business ethics encompasses much more than mere compliance with laws and regulations.It is in the organization’s self-interest to take a proactive posture on the ethics issue, and be well-prepared for the shape of things to come. We show how this can be done and what challenges must be addressed for success in this journey.
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