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Title: Entrepreneurial Process: A Personalistic-Cognitive Platform Model
Authors: Jose Mathews
Issue/Year: Jul-2008
Section: Research
Abstract: Entrepreneurship theories and research deal with a variety of behavioural and nonbehavioural processes and issues that explain the nature of entrepreneurship in different ways. The advances made in entrepreneurship research now centre on entrepreneurial cognitions, entrepreneurial personality, and motivation even though the other areas of research are not without significance, considering the importance of the field. The personalistic-cognitive platform model proposed accounts for the composite dynamics of the entrepreneurial behaviour that focus on the behavioural dynamics of the entrepreneur. The superimposition of the behavioural processes on the economic/social attributes of the environment gives rise to a platform of personality and cognition that overarches itself to the generalization, prediction, and dynamics of entrepreneurship. The platform is constructed based on the ‘bricks and mortars’ of entrepreneurial syndrome, entrepreneurial motivational dynamics, environmental scanning, decisional processes, and cognitive mediation circumscribed in the entrepreneurial mental model.
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