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Title: Poverty Alleviation at an International Development Organization: Resurrecting the Human Being as Subject
Authors: Sangeeta Parameshwar, Param Srikantia, Jessica Heineman-Pieper
Issue/Year: Apr-2009
Section: Perspectives
Abstract: A crucial challenge facing disciplines like business administration, public administration, and development economics is that their conceptual frameworks and ensuing strategies neglect the inner, subjective landscape of human beings that can be a source of creative transcendence in economic and social development. The authors have showcased field experiences illustrating a practical application of an alternative paradigm at a time when the international organization sought heightened civic engagement in implementing poverty reduction strategies in several countries around the world. The paper also seeks to highlight the importance of resurrecting the richness of human subjectivity as the fundamental regenerative force underlying empowerment and poverty alleviation.
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