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Title: Advanced Decision-Making Skills for International Leaders
Authors: Asila Safi, Darrell Norman Burrell
Issue/Year: Jul-2007
Section: Perspectives
Abstract: Evolving international management challenges like succession planning, avoiding marketing myopia, managing employee conflict, valuing cultural diversity, and developing adaptive strategy have made decision making for international professionals more perplexing and almost overwhelming. Even with the best strategic planning, there is likelihood of mishandling a crisis or leadership strategy decision. How does an international manager make the correct decisions when the unexpected occurs, existing plans are insufficient, or important organizational core values and goals are threatened? The development of critical thinking skills in professionals has never been more vital than it is today. The engagement in managerial critical thinking is about learning to apply both experience-based, team-based, and formal problem solving methods to situations. It is essential to develop a keen ability to overcome and become self aware of biases, false assumptions, myths, and faulty paradigms that can hamper effective decision-making.
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