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Title: Building World Class Educational Institutions in India: Challenges and Prospects
Authors: N R Narayan Murthy, V L Mote, P V Indiresan, A Jayagovind, P Balaram, Deepak Pental, M R Rao, H S Ballal, A K Bisoi, Pratibha Narang
Issue/Year: Jan-2007
Section: Colloquium
Abstract: This Colloquium is a summary of the invited presentations in the National Conference on Challenges in Creating World Class Educational Institutions at the Indian Institute of Management. The focus of this seminar was to initiate a national level debate on the issues related to creating and sustaining World Class Educational Institutions in India: (a) What makes an educational institution world class? (b) How does one assess the impact of an educational institution? (c) Who are the stakeholders of educational institutions and what role they are expected to play in governing and developing an institution? (d) What is the contribution of Indian Institutions in knowledge creation?
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