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Title: Assessing Ability for Strategic Planning
Authors: J P Das, Sasi Misra, Rama K Mishra
Issue/Year: Jul-1993
Section: Research
Abstract: The ability to find parsimonious solutions to problems, make good judgements and decisions relates to the intelligent functioning of humans. These are particularly significant functions of managerial work. However, standard intelligence tests and aptitude tests of one sort or another predominantly measure the ability to code information, to store it and retrieve it when necessary. Whereas these abilities are necessary for academic and scholastic success, what counts outside the scholastic environment of classrooms is the former. This, in essence, is called "planning". The research reported here by J P Das, Sasi Misra and Rama K Mishra includes the development of a test of "planning" that is contextually relevant for management and examines its psychometric properties.
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