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Title: New Media Experiences: Dealing with the Game Changer
Authors: Gita Bajaj
Issue/Year: Jul-2010
Section: Colloquium
Abstract: The new social media of communication has created a revolution with everyone trying to use them extensively to their benefits, but many issues pertaining to this medium deserve attention. Powerful as its usage is, improper communication or delayed responses can lead to a potential reputation disaster for prestigious brands, companies or celebrities. In this Colloquium, two cases, ‘Chetan Bhagat Blocks’ and ‘Internal Communication Online: Boon or Bane?’ have been documented to demonstrate that the medium is important not only when it is at the source of the crisis, but also when other crises are perpetuated through this medium. Expert opinions have been sought to focus on what learning can be drawn from these experiences to better manage the emerging space on online communications.
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