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Title: Attitudes towards Marketing Practices, Consumerism and Government Regulations
Authors: Sundar G Bharadwaj, P N Thirunarayana, P Rajan Vardarajan
Issue/Year: Jan-1991
Section: Research
Abstract: The myriad facets of consumerism have been examined by several authors during the last two decades in the context of industrialized nations. However, there is a dearth of research on consumerism in reference to developing nations. Against this background, the study by Bhardwaj, Thirunarayana, and Varadarajan assumes importance as it focuses on consumer attitudes towards marketing practices, consumerism and government regulations in a developing country-India. The results of the study indicate a high level of consumer skepticism with the operating philosophy of businesses, dissatisfaction with prevailing market practices, and support for the consumerism movement.
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