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No.Date of Issue Title  
1 Oct-2006 A Decision Theoretic Estimation in Exponential Product Life Testing Model Using Guesstimate
By Sharad Saxena
2 Jan-1976 A Quantitative Model for Press Media Planning in India
By Abhinandan K Jain
3 Oct-1999 A Study of Patient Satisfaction in Outdoor Services of Private Health Care Facilities
By R D Sharma, Hardeep Chahal
4 Oct-2013 Akshaya Patra, Gandhinagar: Supply Chain Challenges
By Sanjay Choudhari
5 Oct-2013 Akshaya Patra, Gandhinagar: Supply Chain Challenges
By Lalitha Iyer
6 Jul-1977 An Inventory Problem with Segmented Deliveries
By Amarlal H Kalro
7 Oct-1982 Analysis of Congestion in a University Outpatient Center
By E Lambo
8 Jan-1997 Apple Movements from Orchards to Wholesale Market
By Girja Sharan, Sandeep Kayastha
9 Apr-2002 Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process to Benchmarking of Project Management Performance: An Application in the Caribbean Public Sector
By Prasanta Kumar Dey
10 Jan-2011 Application of Soft Operations Research for Enhancing the Servicescape as a Facilitator
By Masood H Siddiqui, Shalini N Tripathi
11 Jul-2002 Changing the Mindsets for Success in Supply Chain Management
By B S Sahay, A Maini, A K Gupta, R K Gupta
12 Oct-1979 Coaching Stock Utilization in Indian Railways
By K V Ramani, G Raghuram
13 Jul-1998 Competitiveness of Indian Manufacturing: Findings of the 1997 Manufacturing Futures Survey
By Pankaj Chandra, Trilochan Sastry
14 Oct-2013 Data Analytics: Hyped Up Aspirations or True Potential?
By Arindam Banerjee, Tathagata Bandyopadhyay, Prachi Acharya
15 Oct-2002 Efficiency of Thermal Power Plants in India
By K R Shanmugam, Praveen Kulshreshtha
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