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Browse Articles by "Agriculture and Rural Development"
No.Date of Issue Title  
1 Jul-2013 "Urban Food Security through Urban Agriculture and Waste Recycling: Some Lessons for India"
By Rahul Gupta, Sumita Gupta Gangopadhyay
2 Jan-2012 Accelerating Agricultural Development for Inclusive Growth: Strategic Issues and Policy Options
By Vijay Paul Sharma
3 Jul-2014 Agribusiness Supply Chain Management
By Kushankur Dey
4 Oct-1998 Agricultural Development under the New Economic Environment: A Case of Zambia
By B M Desai, N V Namboodiri
5 Jul-1996 Agricultural Financial Ratios, Discriminant Analysis, and Prediction of Corporate Bankruptcy in the Community Banking System in Nigeria
By C J Arene
6 Apr-2006 An Interview with Vandana Shiva
By S Manikutty
7 Jul-1989 Bagasse Based Paper and Newspaper Print in India: Economic and Policy Issues
By Tirath Gupta, Vinod Ahuja
8 Oct-1993 Board of Directors: Theory and Practice in Dairy Cooperatives
By Ajit Kanitkar, N V Belavadi
9 Apr-1997 Budget: A Retrograde for Agriculture
By B M Desai
10 Apr-1999 Can a Cooperative Consumer Store Succeed in a Rural Area? A Study of Warana Bazaar
By P K Desmukh, S A Mahajan
11 Oct-1991 Comparative Performance of Farmers' Service Societies and Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies
By B M Desai, N V Namboodiri
12 Oct-1996 Cooperative Rural Banking: Anand Shows the Growth-oriented Path
By B M Desai, N V Namboodiri
13 Jul-1991 Critical Elements in the Design of Poverty Alleviation Programmes
By Anil Bhatt
14 Oct-1986 Determinant of Farmers' Managerial Ability
By S P Bora, G L Ray
15 Jan-1987 Drought Identification Procedure and Rainfall Pattern
By Girja Sharan, Nitin Shah, K K Gupta
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