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No.Date of Issue Title  
1 Apr-2013 A Kaleidoscopic Study of Pricing Performance of Stochastic Volatility Option Pricing Models: Evidence from Recent Indian Economic Turbulence
By Vipul Kumar Singh, Pushkar Pachori
2 Jan-1976 A Strategic Framework for Profit Planning: Concepts, Systems, and Structure
By S K Bhattacharyya
3 Jul-2013 A Study of Wealth Effects of Takeover Announcements in India on Target Company Shareholders
By T Mallikarjunappa, Panduranga Nayak
4 Jan-2012 A Study on Return on Investment of Training Programme in a Government Enterprise in India
By K S Subramanian, Vinita Sinha, Priya D Gupta
5 Oct-2000 A Trading Strategy for the Indian Stock Market: Analysis and Implications
By Madhusudan Karmakar, Madhumita Chakraborty
6 Oct-2010 After Market Pricing Performance of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs): Indian IPO Market 2002-2006
By Seshadev Sahoo, Prabina Rajib
7 Jan-1999 Alternate Means of Financing Railways
By G Raghuram, M Ravi Babu
8 Jan-2005 An Analysis of Defaults of Long-term Rated Debts
By Suveera Gill - -
9 Jul-1994 Analysis of the Indian Securities Industry: Market for Debt
By Samir K Barua, V Raghunathan, Jayanth R Varma, N Venkiteswaran
10 Apr-2013 Are Managers Measuring the Financial Risk in the Right Manner? An Exploratory Study
By Srinivas Shirur
11 Oct-1998 Asian Crisis and Finance Theory
By Jayanth R Varma
12 Oct-2009 Asymmetric Volatility and Cross Correlations in Stock Returns under Risk and Uncertainity
By Raj S Dhankar, Rakesh Kumar
13 Jul-1979 Balance of Payments Effects of Investment in Manufacturing: The Case of Nigeria
By Olukunle Iyanda
14 Apr-2005 Balanced Scorecard in Indian Companies
By Manoj Anand, B S Sahay, Subhashish Saha - -
15 Apr-1987 Better Evaluation of a Lease
By V Raghunathan
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