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Browse Articles by "Marketing"
No.Date of Issue Title  
1 Jul-2013 A Balanced Approach towards Market Orientation
By Gurjeet Kaur, R D Sharma, Nitasha Seli
2 Jul-1976 A Strategy Model for Export Marketing
By Nikhlesh Dholakia, Rakesh Khurana
3 Apr-1976 Adoption Process and Marketing of Social Change: A Case Study of the Family Planning Programme
By S C Bhatnagar
4 Jan-1983 Advertisement Attributes for Creating a Favourable Selling Climate
By Indrani Mukhopadhyay
5 Apr-1990 An Overview of the Pesticides Industry and Marketing Environment
By U K Srivastava, T N Patel
6 Apr-2009 Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited: Retail Franchising in the Healthcare Industry
By Piyush Sinha, R C Natarajan, M N Tripathi, N Rajkumar, Sanal Kumar Velayudhan
7 Oct-1997 Assessing Consumer Preferences for Product Features Selection: Solar Cookers
By Gopal Naik, Girja Sharan
8 Jan-1991 Attitudes towards Marketing Practices, Consumerism and Government Regulations
By Sundar G Bharadwaj, P N Thirunarayana, P Rajan Vardarajan
9 Apr-1983 Backward Ideation Technique for Generating New Product Ideas
By O A Mascarenhas
10 Jan-2010 Brand Relationships and Switching Behaviour for Highly Used Products in Young Consumers
By Arvind Sahay - -, Nivedita Sharma
11 Oct-2001 Celebrity Endorsers and Adolescents: A Study of Gender Influences
By Prashant Mishra, Upinder Dhar, Saifuddin Raotiwala
12 Oct-1990 Communicative Effectiveness of Comparative Advertising
By N Kinra, V S P Prasad
13 Jan-2005 Comparative Advertising in India: Need to Strengthen Regulations
By Akhileshwar Pathak - -
14 Oct-2010 Conspicuous Consumption - Is That All Bad? Investigating the Alternative Paradigm
By Himadri Roy Chaudhuri, Sitanath Majumdar
15 Jul-2004 Consumer Ethnocentrism: CETSCALE Validation and Measurement of Extent
By Anupam Bawa - -
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