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No.Date of Issue Title  
16 Apr-2008 Environmnental Aspects of Project Management
By Neha Vyas
17 Jan-1988 Forecasting: Does the Box-Jenkins Method Work Better than Regression?
By S Nanda
18 Apr-2014 Fostering Academic Research among Management Scholars in India: An Introduction to the Special Issue
By Rahul Sheel, Neharika Vohra
19 Jul-1981 Hierarchical Analysis for Complex Systems: Application to an Irrigation System
By R P Mohanty
20 Oct-1994 JIT Implementation: Integrating Production Planning with Process Improvements
By N Narayanan
21 Oct-1988 JIT: A Way to Get Strategic Results from the Shop Floor
By P S Thomas
22 Oct-1976 Location of Indian Cement Industry
By G S Gupta, Kirit Patel
23 Jan-1992 Logistics Management: An Introductory Note
By G Raghuram
24 Jul-2007 Managing Large Projects in Emerging Markets
By I M Pandey
25 Oct-1996 Market Driven Manufacturing: A Requirements Analysis
By Kunal Basu, Pankaj Chandra
26 Jan-2014 Measuring Environmental Performance across a Green Supply Chain: A Managerial Overview of Environmental Indicators
By Purba H Rao
27 Oct-2011 On Classification of All-rounders of the Indian Premier League (IPL): A Bayesian Approach
By Hemanta Saikia, Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee
28 Oct-1978 Production: A Neglected Area of Management
By Alex P Joseph
29 Oct-1987 Project Management: A Survey of Current Practices and Implications
By M G Korgaonker
30 Oct-1999 Supply Chain Strategies for Small Firms Facing High Demand Uncertainty and Seasonality
By Trilochan Sastry
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