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No.Date of Issue Title  
16 Jul-1995 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, 1994: An Explanatory Note
By A N Oza
17 Jan-2000 Global Boom, Infrastructural Investment in Emerging Countries, and the Role of Multinational Corporations
By Rahul Bisnoi
18 Apr-1977 Growth of Factor Inputs and Total Factor Productivity in Indian Public Sector Enterprises
By Bakul H Dholakia
19 Apr-2003 How Much Should a Person Consume?
By Ramachandra Guha
20 Apr-2004 Identification of Top Performing Economies
By Ravindra H Dholakia, Akhilesh S Kumar
21 Jul-1989 Implications of Environmental Differences on Strategies of Multinational Manufacturing Subsidiaries
By Sushil Vachani
22 Apr-1994 Income and Price Elasticities in India's Trade
By G S Gupta, H Keshava
23 Jul-1991 India's Economic Crisis: Nature and Remedies
By Bakul H Dholakia
24 Jan-1998 India's Economic Reforms: Dismantling the Machine for Going Backwards
By Jagdish Bhagwati
25 Jan-1998 India's Export Performance and Policies: An Appraisal
By Charan D Wadhva
26 Jan-1998 India's Fiscal Reforms: Some Signposts
By Amaresh Bagchi
27 Jul-2013 Indian Economy since Independence: Persisting Colonial Disruption
By Errol DíSouza
28 Jan-1998 Indirect Tax Reforms in the Indian Economy
By T R Rustagi
29 Jan-1997 Inter-sectoral Differences in Capacity Utilization
By P S Mohanakumar
30 Oct-2004 Law, Labour, and Legitimacy: The Complexion of WTO
By Tapan R Mohanty - -, Adil Hasan Khan - -, Gaurav Kamal - -
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