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Browse Articles by "Information Technology and Systems"
No.Date of Issue Title  
16 Oct-2013 Factors influencing IT Adoption by Bank Employees: An Extended TAM Approach
By Rupanjali Nath, Kanika T Bahl, Geetika T Kapoor
17 Jan-1987 Flexible Access Models and Data Through Decision Support Systems
By Venkata V Rao
18 Jan-1997 Government Initiatives, Regulation and Financing of the Telecommunications Sector
By N Vittal
19 Jan-2003 How does Internet Stock Trading in India Work
By Chandana Goswami
20 Oct-2008 Impact Assessment of e-Governance Projects: A Benchmark for the Future
By Coordinator- Subhash Bhatnagar
21 Jan-1999 India's Response to the Changing International Telecommunications Environment
By Sidharth Sinha
22 Jan-2004 Information Technology Usage: The Indian Experience
By M P Gupta, Sanjay
23 Jul-1998 Integrated Decision Support Models for Manufacturing: An Example from The Electronics Industry
By Devnath Tirupati
24 Oct-2004 Intellectual Property and Innovation: Changing Perspectives in the Indian IT Industry
By Rakesh Basant
25 Oct-2005 Knowledge Management in Global Software Teams
By Sangeeta Shah Bharadwaj - -, Kul Bhushan C Saxena - -
26 Jul-1997 Linking Telecom Technologies: Complementarities, Capabilities, and Policies
By Rakesh Basant, Pankaj Chandra
27 Jul-1996 Management Information System at National Level in India: Analysis of Problems and Issues
By M P Gupta
28 Apr-1998 Managing the Millennium Bug
By Ali Reza Montazemi
29 Jul-2011 On Challenges and Opportunities for Designing Integrated IT Platforms for Supporting Knowledge Works in Organizations
By Arijit Laha
30 Jan-2003 Organizational Environment and Information Systems
By Kamna Malik, D P Goyal
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