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Browse Articles by "Innovation and Entrepreneurship"
No.Date of Issue Title  
16 Oct-2004 Pain and Excitement of Taking Technology to the Market
By R Sunder - -
17 Jan-2006 Subsidiary Initiative in Indian Sofware Subsidiaries of MNCs
By Rishikesha T Krishnan
18 Jan-2006 Taking Charge and Leading Reinvention: Some Insights
By Mukund R Dixit
19 Apr-2013 The Architecture of Innovation: The Economics of Creative Organizations
By Raman Kumar Agrawalla
20 Jan-2003 The Art of Growing a Company: An Entrepreneurial Monologue
By Rajesh Nair
21 Jul-2008 The Entrepreneurial Life Cycle: Perspectives and Experiences
By Coordinator- Rakesh Basant
22 Jul-2009 The Post-Recession Challenge of Innovation
By R Gopalakrishnan
23 Jan-2006 The Rise and Decline of Organizations: Can 'Intrapreneurs' Play a Saviour's Role?
By J Singh
24 Jan-2014 The Wide Lens: A New Strategy for Innovation
By Atul Pathak
25 Jan-2006 Tools for Enhancing Innovativeness in Enterprises
By Pradip N Khandwalla
26 Apr-2003 Venture Capitalists' Screening Criteria
By A Vinay Kumar, Mohinder N Kaura
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